• 10+ years

  • 60+ mentoring-programs

  • 10.000+ mentor & mentees

Mentoring: Join the Movement!

  • Join the movement!

    With over 10 years of experience in mentoring programs delivered in Germany and beyond, we have successfully built trust with some of the major companies such as Philips and Jägermeister. We have impacted the lives of thousands of tandems and collaborated with over 60 corporates & organizations.

  • Advanced Material

    Even HR Mentoring Managers with 7 to 20 years of experience have taken this course. Of course it becomes more and more about nuances, reflecting and optimizing. Your mentors & mentees will appreciate YOUR permanent growth.

  • Collaborate with Colleague

    Doing a training on mentoring alone in front of a screen would be ironic, right? So: we match you with a fellow colleague to walk through this journey together. Not only do you have strong contents and case studies, but also a fellow Mentoring Manager to walk the journey together!

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Training on mentoring as e-Learning? Alone?

Course curriculum

    1. Story of biz4d

    2. Process for implementing corporate mentoring programs

    3. Definition and origin of "mentoring"

    4. Formal vs. informal mentoring

    1. Quality Management of Corporate Mentoring Programs

    1. Stakeholder of Corporate Mentoring

    2. Stakeholder - Create your own map (pdf)

    3. Stakeholder - Customize your own map (editable MindMap)

    1. Winning and selecting: selecting mentors

    2. Winning & selecting: a practial case

    3. Winning & selecting: motivation of mentors

    4. Winning & selecting: Mentees

    1. Mentoring can inspire seniors to speed learning & development

    2. Matching: Why?

    3. Matching: Cluster of Criteria

    1. Matching: Interviews

About this course

  • €1.499,00
  • 27 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

You are in good company:


by Thomas Urabl-Sudy

"...the coordinator training program enabled me to be optimally prepared for the start of the program ..."

Jägermeister SE

by Dagmar Paulwith-Holtz

"If you want to introduce mentoring professionally in your company, biz4d is a really good decision."

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Common questions

  • Can I start course at a later matching-round?

    Yes. We will start new matching-rounds. To enable good matching and people starting the course together, we want as many people as possible to start simultanously.

  • What payment options are available?

    You may either make payment by credit-card or recieve an invoice. You will recieve access-code shortly after the transfer has arrived.

  • I already have a partner or an entire team. Can we do the course together?

    Yes. If you already have a friend from a different company, you can pick the "join with a partner" option. If you have multiple mentorhing-programs inside your company, you can join as a team. For internal teams we have the option to include further elements from our strategy workshop. Simply reach out to us!