Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1.1: Mentoring Definition and Importance

    • Get to understand more the definition of mentoring and why it is crucial for success
  • 2

    Module 1.2 - Roles & Responsibilities of Mentors & Mentees

    • Understand the role of the mentor and the mentee in the workplace for greater collaboration
  • 3

    Module 1.3 - Learn When to Trust and When to Question

    • Understand how to solve the dilemma of whether you should trust the decisions of your mentor or you should challenge him/her
  • 4

    Module 1.4 - Four Stages of Competence and How It Is Related to Mentoring

    • Learn how to develop your competencies and leverage your learning experience
  • 5

    Module 1.5 - My Personal Potential Benefit from Mentoring

    • Understand the benefit of mentoring to both mentors and mentees
  • 6

    Module 1.6 - Leveraging the Commitment and Achieving a Successful Mentorship

    • Understand your mentor's expectations and how to prepare well for maximum impact
  • 7

    Module 1.7 - Addressing Challenges and Setting a Structure for Your Meetings

    • Understanding what to do when you face a challenge and tips on preparing your agenda for your mentoring session