Be prepared:

  • Avoid costly mistakes

    Many try. Many fail because they don't always focus on the right things. Save months or years of your live by knowing, what really matters.

  • Beat your competition

    From thousands of interviews over 12+ years: candidates consistently fail with the same things. It is a pity, as good opportunities are waiting in Germany to those, who are prepared.

  • BONUS: CV check

    Upload your current CV and get a structured overview of your strengths and areas of improvement.

Course curriculum

    1. Greatest misconceptions on "What it takes"

    2. Learning CANVAS.

    1. Technical Competence

    2. Cultural Competence

    3. Meaning of “international experience”

    4. Communicational Competence

    1. Differences in Performance

    1. Why are German employers rigid with (language) requirements?

    2. Risk employers face

    1. How to recieve a valuable recommendation

    2. Difference between submissiveness and respect.

    3. "Paint the wall blue", expectation of German employer

    1. Competence development: blind spots

    2. 4 Stages of Competence Development

    3. Questions

    4. Self leadership

    5. Feeling intimidated...

    6. Learn a language. Fast.

    7. Ethics. Expectations. Visibility.

    8. Further Ressources & Links

    9. Winning together with others

About this course

  • €149,00
  • 22 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

About the Course

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  • Is this offer only for software engineers or others, like mechanical engineers?

    The course is targeted to people, who aspire to immigrate to Germany through BlueCard within the next 1-3 years. Some of the professions that are most in-demand in Germany are: - Architects and interior designers Engineers - Information and communication technologies specialists - Mathematicians - Health professionals - Scientists - Scientific engineers - Urban and traffic planning specialists

  • Are other payment methods accepted other than CreditCard?

    You may pay through PayPal: OR direct bank transfer: IBAN: Bank: Postbank Account holder: biz4d Mentoring Programs IBAN: DE30 5001 0060 0994 1796 07 BIC: PBNKDEFF Please send screenshot to [email protected] of transaction, your name etc. You will receive a voucher as soon as transaction has arrived. Manual processing fee of 5$, pls kindly add to your transfer.

  • Does this course help students to find a University in Germany?

    At the moment we focus on professionals. From our experience it is easier to find a job in Germany with 5+ years of professional experience. However, you are welcome to take this course at an earlier stage in your career, if you want to make sure, you focus your training and experience on the factors that matter most.

  • Am I guaranteed a job in Germany after watching this course?

    Well, are you guaranteed to be accepted to the team of Real Madrid after you have watched their game on TV plus a documentary on the rules of football? What would you even think of my level of professionalism, if I asked you this question? Whose decision is it, how much you invest into your training and implementing the strategies - converting them into skills? Who is the person in charge of your fate?

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